With several years of adding value for our customers throughout North America, we continue to offer custom cast steel products and metallurgical solutions designed to meet or exceed customer expectations. We provide low alloy and high alloy cast steel compositions in any configuration up to a finished weight of 15,000 pounds. We can provide value added functionality to your castings that include machining operations, surface flame hardening, annealing, heat treating, weld repair, blasting and coating applications.

To ensure product integrity an ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality Management System provides process controls and continuous improvement initiatives focusing our team towards customer satisfaction and constant product development. An State of the art simulation software, proves product solidity and efficient pattern design prior to the manufacturing process then every heat is supported with documented chemistry composition and mechanical properties.

We have earned recognition from many of our customers by delivering to schedule, products of consistent quality at fair market pricing. In fact many of the unique metal compositions that we produce today are the result of a joint problem solving approach to resolve application issues like superior wear characteristics for ground engaging equipment.

We source any steel casting to your specifications or drawings. To explore the industries we serve and our core product list, use the navigation above. To discuss how our capabilities can satisfy your specific requirements, please contact our Sales and Marketing Department at sales@maritimesteel.com .

Custom Products

In addition to any of our core products displayed on the following pages we custom manufacture to meet your specific needs. Each customer order receives equivalent priority for quality, cost effectiveness, and timely delivery.

The following guidelines indicate the products that we are capable of providing to you and each is supported with full metallurgical testing:

  • Any configuration up to 15,000 pounds finished weight
  • Alloy compositions within our range
  • Heat treated, quenched, and stress relieved to meet the specified mechanical properties
  • Flame hardened to suit high wear applications and custom machined to meet tight tolerances.

To receive additional information about any our products or capabilities please see the contact us page and select the categories of interest to you.