Design and Simulation

Services we can provide....

  • Solidification and Fluid Flow analysis (Casting Simulation)
  • Casting design
  • Design analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Process design
  • consulting

Maritime Steel Products Limited use state of the art technology including SolidWorks and Simulation Software to efficiently design patterns and to prove solidification for our customer’s parts well in advance of pouring metal. Creating the solid geometry using SolidWorks then importing into Simulation software to optimize the casting process .

Prior to making any molds the simulation software allows the engineer to correct potential casting defects and improve yields so superior quality castings are produced in a timely, cost effective manner ensuring the best value for our customers.

Simulation Software is a comprehensive tool for the technological and quality focused production of castings. The simulation capabilities show the user how to avoid gating and feeding problems, predict casting quality, design permanent mold designs, and reduces fettling costs.