Q: What is the typical delivery lead time at Maritime Steel  Products Limited?

A: Working with customers to meet their required delivery time is our priority. Lead times are influenced by many factors including pattern availability, engineering requirements, material grades, finishing specifications, and distance to your facility. Maritime steel Products limited is able to turn around quotes and supply products on a very timely basis because of our Magmasoft simulation software, experience in pattern design and flexible manufacturing systems.

Q: What quality certification are you approved to?

A: Maritime Steel Products Limited is ISO 9001 certified,

Q. What size range of castings, both dimensionally and weight, can you produce?

A: We can produce any configuration in either low and high alloy composition and are limited only by the finish weight of 15,000 pounds.

Q. What compositions of cast steel do you pour?

A: Primarily low carbon and low carbon alloyed steels. We routinely pour 30 different grades of steel including grade B, B plus, C, E, wear resistant grades, and manganese steels.

Q. What molding process do you use?

A: We use a “no bake” cold set molding system utilizing chemically bonded sand to solidify the mold. The no bake method is our system of choice due to the repeatable quality it provides in both surface finish and dimensional tolerances.

Q. What is your percentage of on time delivery?

A: Our on time delivery performance for the previous year is 95%.