Solidity test

MAGMASOFT is a product for computer simulation of the physical processes during casting formation and permits treatment of almost all used in the modern practice casting methods. Object of simulation and analysis are the following processes:

  • Filling of the gating system and mold by melt under conditions maximum close to the real.
    MAGMAsoft offers special tool called "Tracer", which visualizes the trajectories of the fluid individual particles, when the flow characteristics are clearly delineated, turbulences emerge and the risky spots of eventual defects during filling are traced out.
  • Formation of porosity and shrinkages in the casting Formation of porosity and shrinkages in the casting.
  • Thermal and concentration convection in the melt as well as diffusion of the melt components in liquid and solid states. On this base MAGMAsoft predicts the macro-segregation in the casting and distribution of the individual components concentration.
  • On the base of specialized criterial functions the casting structure is predicted in each of its local areas.
  • The product geometric modeler possesses a large specter of various geometric figures and wide range of operations over them such as translations, rotations, scaling, etc., which permit quick and precise building of objects and systems of most sophisticated geometry. At the same time visualization of the system of bodies is performed simultaneously in three different orthogonal projections and in perspective.
  • The program calculates the stresses, strains and shifts of the casting and mold during crystallization localizing the high risk zones for hot or cold cracks.
  • Special "Erosion Criteria" traces the fracture risk of the mold working surface during filling.
  • Feeding effectiveness. Criterion which shows what part of the molten metal, necessary to compensate the volume shrinkage, succeeds to arrive through the dendrite network to the crystallization front.