Railway Castings

Serving the Railway Industry with quality castings like;

  • Yokes
  • Center Plates
  • Draft Lug
  • Follower Blocks 


Codselco Yoke

Codselco Yoke

Yoke 1551-31

Y45 Yoke

YS 93 AE

YS 93 AE

yoke 19979_000


gatx short yoke de 4112-3a_000

Short Yoke

quadruple shear yoke 53622-1_000

Quadruple Shear Yoke

ASF  51763-1

Ring Seat

center plate 312_000

CP 312

body center plate_000

Body CP

center plate butterfly 437_000

Buterfly CP

center plate 51454_000

Center Plate

new draft lug_000

Draft Lugs

rear draft lug sk3967-pattern-rev02_000

Rear Draft Lug

coupler follower c-50496_000

Follower Blocks

articulated connection pivot pin 51792-1_000

Articulated Pin